The Millionaire Cocktail

Millionaire Cocktail

This classic cocktail is not made as much as it deserves. It is a great cocktail and an even better shooter. At the bar, we often use it as a farewell shot, to be had with our regulars at the bar. Our way of saying “thank you for spending your night with us”.

Google “Millionaire Cocktail”, and a dozen recipes pop up. Of these many variations, the one made with Myer’s Dark rum is the one we turn to.

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A cocktail with Scotch please.” – Wait, really 🤔?

Before we get flamed, we would like to state that we are Scotch lovers through and through. If that is settled let’s get down to the discussion. The bar we work at runs a bespoke cocktail program and a majority of our drinks are off the cuff concoctions made with whatever we have for that day. Of course, we do get requests for classics and we do them well too. For what it’s worth, we have to prove that we can do the basics right before putting our own spins in right? 😀

Aging in progress at the Laphroaig Distillery1

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Is your martini glass too big??

Serving size matters. As a customer, more often than not, larger is better. For business owners across the counter, it would be the opposite. Logically speaking, that is how business owners control cost and no one goes into a business to lose money.

However, serving craft cocktails is a different ballgame. Cocktails are unique in a sense that a larger cocktails are not necessarily better, au contraire, many are of pretty low quality.

As Dominique Ansel said in his book, The Secret Recipes, “Time is an ingredient”. He describes it oh so beautifully in the chapter “The Brief Life Of The Madeleine”, excerpt as follows since I am not competent enough as a writer to paraphrase nor would I want to blemish his words.


“Food changes and grows; it lives and then it also dies. And for the fleeting and forever young madeleine, death comes all too soon.

Fresh out of the oven, these small, scallop-shaped cakes shine in a momentary glory. A slightly crispy edge gives way to a golden, ethereal center that releases just a tiny puff of steam in your mouth, as if exhaling its last breath.”


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3 simple wine hacks for hosting at home

Wine is known as the nectar of the gods and it has seen a huge take up rate in Singapore in recent times too. This is evident from the number of wine wholesalers that have popped up all over our sunny island. Think 1855 – the bottle shop, wine bos, wine connection and even NTUC finest has a great selection of wines and chilled storage for premium vintages. That surely is testament to wine’s popularity in our country.

We must confess, we aren’t wine aficionados but a good bottle is always welcome. Good doesn’t mean expensive. Easily explained by the graph below where there comes a point where every increase in bottle price is only met with marginal increase in utility. Usually if any more pleasure can be derived from really expensive bottles, it is due to psychological bias of the consumer knowing the price.

Utility vs price of a bottle of wine, courtesy of DeconDrinks’ experience 😀

As bartenders, our job on the drinks front is to serve a good drink and better if we can elevate a cheap spirit into an amazing concoction. For wine, we too have taken up the challenge. Here are some hacks to hosting friends with wine that would make that bottle go the extra mile.

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The White Courtesan – A DeconDrinks Original

The White Courtesan, A DeconDrinks Original

As lovers of all things Japanese, it is obvious that sake was not going to be an exception. It comes in a myriad of styles and one we particularly love to use time and time again is nigori sake. 

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Happy New Year from DeconDrinks, onwards to 2018!


2017 flew by and it was the year we first thought of having a blog and our masterclasses. For those who have been with us, we thank you and promise there is more content and activities to come.

Come on, your post count towards the tail end of 2017 were falling off the cliff, can we really expect anything from u!???!” – Anonymous

Fair enough, mea culpa. 😦

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