The Home Bar

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As mentioned in our About section, we look forward to sharing our recipes with you. And what better place to give them a whirl then in the comfort of your own home?

While we may work in a bar, most of the research and experiments that we do are conducted in a home bar with a pretty basic setup. Check out the different tabs for suggestions on basic bar ware, ingredients and spirits that we feel every home bar should have.

For equipment, we will be starting with simple and more importantly, affordable tools that will allow any home bartender to make a solid drink. Some suggestions will also have the added advantage of being tested in both a home and a professional bar.

Spirits wise, we understand that it can be pricey to have the kind of variety a professional bar would have. This is also a matter of taste. However, we have some affordable spirits to recommend and places you can buy them from (other than Duty Free) that should keep your guests and you happy.

So watch this space for more. In the meantime, clear out a happy corner of your kitchen or living room and GET READY. It’s going be an awesome year!

We would also love to hear your ideas and suggestions for your home bar staples so drop us a note.

May our glasses never be empty, cheers and talk soon!



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