Father’s Day Giftboxes

We were approached by B to create a prepackaged cocktail as part of a Father’s Day Giftbox and we were very excited to start experimenting.  After some brainstorming, we created two cocktails with uniquely Singaporean ingredients for them to sample. Our first was our Milk Punch Cocktail that you might have seen earlier. The second was an Old Fashioned style cocktail that we named the De Luze OF. It’s made with De Luze Cognac so you can already tell we are very creative people 😉

We recently did a showcase and tasting session for them to try the suggested product. Check it out here. A HUGE shout out to B for creating this video!

So what was the verdict?

For starters, they really loved the smell of the Milk Punch Cocktail, a combination of lemongrass, pandan and coconut. They also liked that it was easy to drink as there was no burn from the alcohol, yet the cocktail was not very sweet. In fact, they questioned if the milk washing had also washed away the alcohol!

However, they were won over by the De Luze OF, which is a combination of brown sugar, pandan, lemongrass, lime and bitters. They felt that their clientele would prefer the slight throat burning sensation from the cognac as that is what they would expect from a cocktail. Also, Old Fashions are an all time favourite and so the choice was made!


If you’re dying to get your hands on an exclusive De Luze OF, drop us a note or check out the video above.




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