Singapore Cocktail Festival 2017 – Guest shift from Alice Bar

안녕하세요! As part of Singapore Cocktail Festival, we had the opportunity to observe two amazeballs bartenders from Alice Bar, Asia’s 11th Best Bar 2016.

Flying in from Seoul, they did a two hour guest shift, delighting our customers with two of their signature drinks and providing us with the opportunity to observe their technique and style, up close and personal. You can see them in action here.

Alice Bar’s staff badge and a graphic novel about their bar

Even before the completed drinks made an appearance, they blew us away with their precision and attention to detail. Their two cocktails; Birds & Bees, a riff on the classic Bee’s Knees and Reflection, an Old Fashioned style drink with Korean Date tincture, were miniature works of art.


To visually depict the inspiration behind Birds & Bees, it was served in a wooden nest complete with carved birds and three chocolate eggs. All of which were carried over from Korea. Now, that is dedication…

This standard was also carried over to Reflection, which was served in an Old Fashioned rocks glass nestled snugly in its own ornate engraved box.

While elaborate presentation isn’t new to us, the dedication to providing the same uncompromising quality was humbling. These guys weren’t here to just pour some drinks but to impart each person they served with a little of the Alice Bar experience. Now that is a spirit we could really get behind and learn from.

They were also a study in professionalism. Tee, who we worked with for most of the shift, came in early to walk us through his ingredients and station prep. Though unaccustomed to the space, he quickly calculated how to make the situation work and never wavered on the standard of drinks he was sending out.

His flexibility and knowledge of how to immediately optimise his station was definitely a takeaway (another post for another day). Tee was also polite and more than willing to share the ideas behind their creations.

When their shift started, we were amazed at the number of people who came down just to meet them. They are really quite famous in Singapore! As service progressed, we took a step back to watch them work and saw how they addressed each customer. It was really refreshing to see a different way of creating a positive drinking experience.

They also got into our bar’s concept of creating bespoke cocktails and mixed up some concoctions of their own. Though we had given them full use of the bar, they would still enquire if it was okay before using anything they did not prepare for a cocktail. It was this devotion to etiquette, in all aspects, that cemented our respect for them and set the standard for how we should act should we have the opportunity to do a guest shift. (And we really want to too!)

Sadly, the night was not long enough for us to pick their brains. As we bid them adieu, we could not help but think how to improve and elevate the bar to one of Asia’s Best. Always something to strive for! #fighting

May our glasses never be empty, cheers and talk soon!

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