The Journey – A DeconDrinks Original

Our first cocktail recipe! The Journey was inspired by an amazing fennel bulb salad prepared by an English couple. It was our first time trying fennel bulb, which is pretty uncommon in Singapore.

The cocktail starts with dry gin and fresh lemon juice for brightness. To add complexity, we added orange juice. Orange juice creates a secondary citrus element and turns bitter shortly after being squeezed. Both sour and bitter add layers to the drink creating a more varied taste profile. We recommend letting the freshly squeezed juice sit for a day to develop but do not use more than two-days old juice as that might had more flavours than you bargained for.

Next we add two sweeteners, Orgeat honey and Lillet Blanc. Then we shake it up with a bit of egg white and double strain it to get a smooth and creamy cocktail. The cockatil is finished by flaming a spray of absinthe over the glass. This creates an aromatic aniseed layer that is reminiscent of fennel bulbs

Why did we call it The Journey?

While designing the drink, we researched fennel to better understand its flavour profile. We learned that fennel is called marathon in Ancient Greek. It was believed that fennel was given as a prize to Pheidippides, a Greek soldier who supposedly ran the 42.196km from Marathon to Athens to convey news of the Persian Army’s defeat. We fell in love with the story and named the cocktail in honour of the legend. We also hope The Journey can bring our customers on a sensory adventure from first sip to the last.

May our glasses never be empty, cheers and talk soon!



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