Bloody Marianne – A DeconDrinks Original

Bloody Marianne - A DeconDrinks OriginalAh, the Bloody Mary, a staple in any hotel bar. Simple in its most basic form but notoriously difficult to get right. We were out for drinks one night with one of our collaborators, R from GiftYard, when the topic came up and he suggested that DeconDrinks come up with our own version of the Bloody Mary.

R was a pretty tough customer. He didn’t like the pasty and gritty mouthfeel of canned tomato puree and didn’t fancy the texture of freshly blended tomatoes.

So we drew on our past experience. About two years ago, we were fascinated with tomatoes and one of the flavour combinations we came up with was lychees and tomatoes. Building on that idea and knowing R’s palate, we came up with the following:


  • Freshly muddled cherry tomatoes
  • freshly squeezed orange juice
  • lychee liqueur
  • lemon juice
  • saline solution
  • rosemary
  • vodka
  • celery
  • cucumber bitters


Typically in Bloody Mary philosophy, these cocktails are not shaken but rolled instead. Rolling prevents the tomato juice from splitting and keeps the rich and heavy body of the cocktail.

However when shaken and double strained, the resulting cocktail with have a slight red hue. Shaking it hard forces dilution of just the liquid. The umami tomato liquid combined with the lychee liqueur was a balance of sweet and salty, light and savoury, all at once. When we served it up to R, he was blown away.

The different method captured the top notes of the tomato and the floral notes of the lychee enhanced its innate sweetness. The herbaceous notes of the rosemary made for a cleaner and lighter version of a Bloody Mary. This revised recipe is a cute little version of the classic and so we named it the Bloody Marianne, Mary’s little sister.



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