How to Score Free Drinks :)

Haha, that should have caught your attention!

Okay, confession… this post is about tasting drinks and if you’re genuinely interested and curious, it can help you score some free booze, albeit in really small amounts. At our bar, we offer our customers a little sip or two of a spirit if they have not heard of it before and if we are recommending it for their drink.

Why tasting matters?

An initial tasting can make or break someone’s opinion of a spirit or ingredient. It’s all about setting the context of the tasting. Surprising someone with a new ingredient can turn them against a taste just because  it is something they weren’t expecting. Think about if you tried oysters for the first time and it gave you food poisoning versus if you had oysters on a romantic first date.The exciting thing is that as a home bartender you get to define your customer/guest experiences the spirit. While you may not be the distiller, you can make the experience much more palatable and approachable. Plus bartenders can always tell when you’re genuinely interested in learning more.

The easiest is to use the following 1oz glasses for tasting. In a pinch, a shot glass or a champagne flute will do. This glass allows for pouring of two sips, about one and a half barspoons worth or 12 ml to be precise.

Why two sips? 

Sip one is to be taken neat to experience the full brunt of the distillers wrath.

Sip two should be taken with a cube of ice or a drop of water, give it a good swirl and taste.

Spirits have phenols or aromatic compounds within them and when the polar molecule water is added, these compounds are attracted to the water molecules. These phenols becoming less dense than the surrounding water and rise to the surface. This intensifies the aroma of the spirit and gives a different tasting experience.

Champagne flutes work because they channel the aromatic compounds to the surface, this works to enhance the flavour, but for two sips, these miniature glasses are perfect. Not to mention a tray of them on the bar looks super pretty. We have put together some suggestions of where to find the glasses below or you can reach out to us if you want to know more.

Sherry Liqueur Glasses*

Crystal Goose Sherry Liqueur Glasses

Crystal Lismore Liqueur Cordial

Crystal Lismore Liqueur Cordial

Champagne Flutes

Champagne Flutes


Liqueur Shot Glasses

Liqueur Shot Glasses


*my favourite

Hope this tip works and helps you to share some great spirits with others or help you score a couple more tasting experiences when you’re out.

May our glasses never be empty, cheers and talk soon!



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