Food X Cocktail

“Drink what makes you happy, and hang with friends who make you laugh”

This is the phrase that embodies our relationship with Briony and Royston, the founders of GiftYard. After our initial collaboration for Father’s Day, we hope to continue this mantra by sharing GOOD FOOD, GOOD COCKTAILS and GOOD TIMES with as many people as possible.

So what can you expect at a dinner hosted by us?

At DeconDrinks, we share a love for eating, cooking, tasting and drinking so we were ecstatic when GiftYard invited us to do a cocktail pairing for a dinner they were prepared.

The Concept for the evening:

  • A degustation menu with simple ingredients
  • Inspired by Kaiseki, an art form that balances the taste, texture, appearance, and colors of food, the food and cocktails will engage the senses and be visually provoking


Starter (both by DeconDrinks)

Dish: Fennel Salad with Orange, Lemon, Almond and Honey 

Cocktail: The Journey, made of Orgeat honey, Lillet Blanc, Citrus & Gin

Starter: Fennel Salad paired with The Journey Cocktail


The Journey was a good start to the meal. It had acid, sweetness and dryness, and the profile highlighted the fennel bulb used in the dish. Suggestion was made to add a meaty element to the dish. We’re thinking perhaps smoked salmon, smoked anchovies, pancetta, or maybe some maple bacon bits. we’re thinking of reworking the dish so stay tuned for a tasty update.

Entree (dish by GiftYard and cocktail by DeconDrinks)

Dish: Salted egg yolk pasta with seafood 

Cocktail: Japanese Occupation, made with yuzu, kaffir lime leaves and tequila bianco

Entree: Salted egg yolk pasta with seafood paired with the Japanese Occupation


The tangy kaffir lime leaf flavor and the sharp yuzu was a great foil to the rich salted egg yolk sauce. However, the diners didn’t fancy the grassy notes of the tequila and suggested using a neutral vodka instead. We quickly remade the drink with vodka and it was a hit! This pairing is definitely a keeper for meals to come.

Dessert (dish by GiftYard and cocktail by DeconDrinks)

Dish: Chocolate and Strawberries

Cocktail: Vanilla Club, a riff on the clover club cocktail with the addition of vanilla syrup and using rum instead of gin

Dessert: Chocolate and Strawberries paired with the Vanilla Club


The Vanilla Club had a cough mixture-ish top note and was off-putting. While the other notes complimented the food nicely, it was hard to enjoy the slightly sickly sweetness. The GiftYard team suggested a mint clover club instead and it turned out pretty awesome! However, we are still not happy so rest assured we are working towards refining this one. Gambarimasu!

In true Singaporean style, we did a post-meal after action review (AAR) and minuted it all down!

Next, we are looking a little closer to home and creating cocktail pairings for classic Singaporean dishes. To get us started, the GiftYard team suggested we work on cocktails for chicken rice, prawn paste chicken and sambal stingray. We are already looking forward to giving people more options other than Tiger Beer!

We also added a few behind the scenes videos for your viewing pleasure:

May our glasses never be empty, cheers and talk soon!