Mango Sticky Rice – A DeconDrinks Original

Dessert drinks are a speciality at the bar where we work. Since we started, we were amazed at the array of dessert cocktails served. There was the Strawberry Shortcake, the Key Lime Pie, Black Forest martini, the Peanut Butter and Jelly cocktail, the list goes on. It seemed that each bartender had a signature dessert drink of their own.

We jumped on the bandwagon three years ago and started trying to come up with our own signature dessert cocktail. In our opinion, every bartender should have a few staple dessert cocktails in their repertoire to cater to the occasional sweet-tooth. After some experimentation, we present to you the Mango Sticky Rice cocktail.

Mango Sticky Rice Cocktail, A DeconDrinks Original

Its taste is familiar enough for Asians to find comforting and the unusual flavour combination enough to pique the interest those who haven’t tried the dessert. When we first served it three years ago, we were unsure of the reception it would receive. It was an instant hit and simple recipe meant it could easily be tweaked while maintaining a layered and balanced profile.

It is made with mango puree, Nigori sake, Malibu, vanilla syrup and lemon. Lemon serving as the foil to maintain the balance against the majority sweet ingredients. By moderating the proportion of lemon, we can easily change the cocktail from a sweet one to a sour one, catering for a wide array of drinkers.

The unfiltered Nigori sake lends the taste and creamy mouth-feel of rice and combines with the Malibu to represent the sticky glutinous rice component of the popular dessert. We added vanilla to evoke a flavour similar to coconut cream without using the actual product that is hard to keep fresh.

Sugar haters would have moved on by now and I totally understand! The syrups, puree and sake give the cocktail a pretty high Brix value but the proportion of lemon is key. The sweeteners and the Nigori sake give the cocktail a smooth velvety mouth feel which gives the sense of a luscious dessert without being cloying.

Shaken and double strained over rocks in a bamboo glass, this cocktail screams tropical vacation in a glass. It is served on a bed of crushed ice and blue curaçao to mimic a beach setting. The flaming sugar cube creates the ambiance of tiki torches and the toasting sugar triggers the idea of baking goods. If served at home, this drink can be dressed up or down as you please, though we suggest a tiki glass. We hope everyone enjoys this drink as much as we did creating it. Stay tuned for more dessert drinks recipes!

May our glasses never be empty, cheers and talk soon!