Finding the perfect cocktail bottle

Remember the image we posted of our Father’s Day giftbox cocktail?

As part of our process of development, we wanted to share our experience searching for suitable cocktail bottles. Hopefully, it’ll give you some ideas for your own creations! #notapaidpost #evensamplealsomustbuy 😦

Milk Punch Cocktail, with DeLuze Cognac 1
The frosted glass bottle selected for our Fathers’ Day giftboxes

Step 1: Look, feel and practicality

We started by listing down some of the requirements.


Step 2: Finding suppliers

We started with a quick Google and found a plethora of suppliers, ranging from Alibaba to various Chinese and American companies. We hit up a few to ask about pricing, shipping costs and minimum order quantity and were pleasantly surprised that the price per bottle was very attractive! Some suppliers even wanted to send us some samples but we declined as the shipping costs were too high (though the samples were free, we would have to pay for shipping).

Our aim was to find a supplier that would give us a good price for small quantities, allow us to verify the quality of the merchandise and would be convenient to deal with from Singapore. We soon came to the decision to focus on finding a local supplier. Here are the few that we liked:

Based on their online profiles, we decided to visit MEDTRA first as they showcased a wide variety of options online. Both Tong Huat and SKS had pretty limited designs online.

Step 3: A visit to the MEDTRA showroom

The sales lady was very friendly, patient and helpful. Knowing that it was our first visit, she explained the process for sample orders, listened to our requirements and made some recommendations. I also chose some other bottles for her to assess.


Step 4: The final selection

We finally went for the last bottle on the right. It holds 90ml (sufficient for 2 pours) ad reminded us of a traditional whisky flasks. The other bottles were either too large or didn’t suit our budget,

Since we found what we needed at MEDTRA, we didn’t visit the Tong Huat and SKS. Perhaps we will make it down in the future.

Unfortunately, we did not move forward with the project as our collaborators modified their concept but we are sure there will be more opportunities to come! Since we have everything prepped for a to-go cocktail, drop us a note if you’re would like to give our drinks a try, and we will be happy to share and discuss!

May our glasses never be empty, cheers and talk soon!



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