How to prepare egg white

Things you need to prepare the egg white: egg, whisk and a glass

Inspired to our  previous post to try egg white cocktails? Read on to find out how to prepare egg white for your cocktails. Egg whites can be prepared a la minute using a fresh whole egg but this has some drawbacks. Granted it may seem more fresh but there is an increased risk of getting bits of the yolk and shell I the drink. It is also hard to replicate the quantity of egg white used as no two egg are exactly the same size.

Our solution is to pre-prepare a bottle of egg white. This increases speed and accuracy, which is key if you have a busy service or are planning on pushing out a whole lot of whisky sours for a house party!

Crack all the eggs into a large bowl. Remove the egg yolks either using an empty drink bottle or your hands (use your fingers as a strainer). It is weirdly satisfying.

Do not throw the egg yolks away! They can be frozen and used to make things like crème patisserie, which keeps well in the fridge for about a week.

You’ve probably noticed that the bowl of egg whites isn’t a homogeneous liquid and strands of albumin are still present. This definitely hinders measuring. Nothing is more annoying than a huge strand of inner albumin plopping into your jigger and splashing you with goop.

Homogenising the egg white mixture is a simple solution. By pulsing a hand blender gently through the egg whites, it helps to break up the albumin creating a more liquid solution. This shouldn’t take more than a minute for about 10 eggs. Do not go crazy as this will give you a meringue. Put it into a squeeze bottle and this should store well up to three days. All the trouble of cracking an egg in the middle of service gone!

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