Vodka Tonic Lemon Cocktail

Vodka Tonic Lemon Cocktail


Vodka Tonic Lemon is a really misunderstood cocktail. So if you are among those who hold it in disdain, please hear us out first.


1.5 oz Vodka (Check out our Spirits post if you need recommendations)

0.5 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice (Check out our previous post on how to make your own lemon juice)

3-5 oz tonic water

Serving vessel:

Highball glass (8/10 oz)

Preparation of the ingredients is of the utmost importance. Start with freeing up some space in the freezer for your bottle of vodka. Vodka won’t freeze in a standard home freezer but it gets cold and does not dilute as much when it is time to mix.

Next, you would need some a bottle or can of good soda water, the small ones that’s enough for just one cocktail. They do cost more but ensures every cocktail you make has the right amount of fizz. If you do go for the large bottles of soda, try to use it all immediately after opening. This is because the soda starts to lose its carbonation once opened and if left exposed to the atmosphere, it will go flat and your vodka soda will be no different from vodka eau du robinet.

Fill the highball with ice cubes all the way to the top and stir to chill the glass. Discard the water from the melted ice and pour in the vodka, followed by the lemon juice and finally the soda water from a freshly opened bottle or can. Try to pour the soda such that minimal contact with the ice is achieved. More contact with the ice means more carbonation is lost resulting in a flatter cocktail.

With all the ingredients in the glass, using a barspoon (check out our Bar Ware post if you need recommendations), lift the ice cubes two or three times and then stir for five seconds. Garnish with a lemon wedge at the rim of the glass and it’s done! The vodka soda, so simple, yet so darn good. Done well, this is one many would look forward to after a hard day’s work.

There is also a step by step guide in video here.

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