First ever masterclass by DeconDrinks

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We had initially hoped to launch the masterclass earlier. However we had some delays in finalising the content and incorporating all the comments from our focus group.

But we did it. Finally.

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Our first outing at CulinaryOn

Not too long ago we had an awesome opportunity to host a birthday party at CulinaryOn. Louis from @mixesfrommars contacted us and ask if we wanted to take on this super fun lobang.

Phone: 6254 7126


How could we refuse!!?? We just could not say no and promptly agreed.

For the uninitiated, CulinaryOn is an edutainment culinary studio, unique culinary playground that amps up the fun and excitement in their cooking parties. This one-of-a-kind concept was founded in Moscow in 2012, and on 1 Oct 2015, the studio opened its second centre in Singapore.
The local setup is the largest cooking studio in Asia and there are 4 event areas, each with their own cooking stations, chef table and bar. The infrastructure is amazing!!!!! And when they wrote they are able to amp up the fun and excitement for each and every event, we can vouch after this that they are not kidding.

Crazy well stocked bar as you can see!! Unbelievable Masterchef-like infrastructure!!

We had a preliminary walk the ground session before the event as we were unsure if we could deliver the full CulinaryOn experience to the guests. We had to be professional to mixesfrommars and CulinaryOn to see if we were up to the task and deliver. So the preliminary session was really beneficial in ironing out the expectations of the event and what was required of us.

We toured the event area allocated to us and was introduced to our event manager, Mea (we hope we got your name right) who would be tagged to us on the day. It was really good to have a permanent point of contact (POC) considering it was our first time and we really didn’t know how things were run operationally.

Come event day, our intuition told us to come in early in a bid to settle our nerves and get to know the ground. Arriving an hour and a half before the event starts, we got about to preparing the stations and checking if the ingredients were portioned out nicely. I realised up till now there was not a mention of the whole event so here goes:

Birthday party for 2 people. The Birthday boy is the organiser and he was really nice. He made sure to come in and see the setup himself, made sure his friends felt comfortable and was always liaising with us, the staff to let us know if we had done well or needed to step up. Thanks bro! We had to teach 2 cocktail recipes, a sidecar, and a blackforest mojito. The event also had to include 2 competitions, one a trademark of CulinaryOn, #whiskandrisk and the other was a cocktail competition to see which participants were natural mixologists.

The choice of cocktails was perfect, Kudos to mixesfrommars for recommending them. Sidecar, a classic cocktail, to highlight the timeless nature of classic cocktails, it also requires the participants to shake it up and loosen up, and the flaming of the orange disc is a talking point in itself. Very good choice for a cocktail masterclass! Good choice Louis!

It’s just the first cocktail so obviously no one feeling the fun yet!!! 😛

The second cocktail was a BlackForest mojito which can be considered a modern cocktail. Utilising fresh ingredients and showing them how to rev up a classic mojito was awesome. It showed bartending is really very accessible to anyone and everyone nowadays. #homebartenderFTW

BF Mojito basket of ingredients for each group!
Explaining the ideas behind building a cocktail

We loved the simple garnish of this one

Time flew by and before we knew it, it was time for the last item, the cocktail competition!!! We have to applaud the guests for being so spontaneous and fun loving. For sure the CulinaryOn studio, staff and free flow alcohol helped but this bunch of peeps sure got going and had a blast. They really did show us a few new tricks and we were particularly impressed with two of the storytellers.
like all good cocktails, the story is important!

This was a good story, something bout putting her man on ice….. if our memory serves us correctly 😛 And this was the winning cocktail!!!! Congrats!

A great cocktail always has a great story and boy, were they goodddddd! Luckily, the tough decision to choose the winner did not fall on our shoulders as the birthday boy and girl had the honour of that. The winner they chose was a worthy one, scoring big on taste, presentation and story. Just like what a great cocktail should be.

We enjoyed ourselves loads and would like to give thanks to everyone whom we worked with for this awesome experience. Louis from @mixesfrommars for the opportunity and prepping all the logistics. Sandy from @mixesfrommars for dropping by to make sure we were ok before the event started. Mea and Zara for making sure the studio was well prepped. And last but not least the two super energetic and fun-loving ladies as event emcees, Porsche and Karen. We had a ton-load of fun and we can’t wait to help out again next time should any opportunity arise.

May our glasses never be empty, cheers and talk soon!


Tasting Cocktails: A Sensory Journey

Poster_Tasting Cocktails

Our DeconDrinks masterclass on tasting cocktails will take you on a sensory journey.

We will cover:

  • How important are garnishes to cocktails?
  • How does sound affect our perception of flavour?
  • Realising our nose is our biggest asset in “taste”.
  • What are the basic tastes and what do we know about them?
  • Can we actually feel a cocktail?
  • Understanding the intricacies of cocktail craft
  • How great tasting cocktails can be replicated at home by anyone!
  • Tasting of 1 mocktail and 3 cocktails*

To sign up, just send us an email at or sms/whatsapp at 9239 9568/9380 2963 with your name, contact number and email address for our team to follow-up with you.

The Joys of being a Barback – our shift at OLA

WhatsApp | mins ago
Chris Hp: “Eh Bro, you free this Sunday anot?”

Last week, our ex-colleague Chris shot us the text above. He is currently the bar manager at OLA Bar, a bar and restaurant located along the sandy beaches of Sentosa. Even though it was a Sunday, it was also a great opportunity to work alongside him again, with the added plus of being in a new bar with things to learn so we said yes!

On the way to OLA
On the way to OLA via the Sentosa Express

Fast forward to 5pm on Sunday and we turned up for our shift in uncustomary shorts and ready to go. We barely had time to introduce myself before the dirty glasses started flying in. “Time to get cracking,” we whispered softly.

The next half an hour was a whirlwind of chaos and we were right in the middle of it. Being totally new to the operation, we were clueless and felt that we were being more burden than help. However, our basic F&B instincts kicked in and we started to find our footing . We just had to prioritise our tasks and concentrate on doing each one well. Making drinks was not our job tonight though some we couldn’t help but be distracted by the toys in the shed behind the bar 🙂

Jetpack Aquaman Version

Manning the sink, topping up stuff for the bartenders and serving water were our core functions. When we had time, we would also pull beers. It brought us back to our early days barbacking and even when we do it now, the pace was not this intense.

It was also our first time in a speed bar (a bar that has a specific set menu designed for speed) and boy, what an eye-opener! Drinks flew out and soiled glasses came back twice as quickly. We were neck deep in stuff to wash and still had to top up the ice bin and pull beers.

As luck would have it midshift, whilst pulling a beer, the bloody gas tank valve jammed and Chris had to take time off handling his own orders to come help. It was to no avail and draft beers were taken off the menu until the contractor came down to fix it. It was a good thing though, suddenly only bottled beers were flying off the shelves and I had much fewer beer glasses to wash! Woohoo!

Out of nowhere, a familiar face turned up beside us and said: “Eh bro, now do what ah?” That voice was unmistakable. ALAN!!!!! He had left the bar a few months prior and we had not seen him since. It was his birthday AND he just finished his own shift at 6pm but he turned up because Chris sent an SOS requesting for help. This guy, on his birthday, came to help a friend after working the whole day. Stories of friendship don’t get better than that. With an extra pair of hands, we worked more efficiently and we even managed to make a few cocktails!

Ex-colleagues reunited
Ex-Colleagues reunited!

By the time the draft beers were up and running again, the crowd had slimmed and we finally had some time to catch up with Chris and the birthday boy. Chris managed to score us staff dinners! Shioks! Thanks a lot Chris!

Staff meal
Staff meal of greens, chicken and rice.    Balanced diet for the win!

After dinner, we had a bit more work and before we knew it, it was time to close the bar. Though we had never worked at OLA before, Alan and us fell into old rhythms. Chris just gave little instructions here and there, only because he was too free as we were too efficient, haha! Point is, we really appreciated Alan’s training. He too started as a barback and the unquestioning do-and-get-it-done-attitude was evident. Tonight was a reminder that being a bartender is more than just mixing drinks. It’s getting your foundation right and barbacking makes for a solid start.  It is the best vantage point to observe the flow of the bar and, the patience, speed and efficiency learnt only makes you better.

Closing and Night Lights
Closing time and what a shift! 

Time flew and it was soon time for us to head home. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the shift and Chris said that there would be more to come! We’re up for the challenge. Bring it on!

Singapore Cocktail Festival 2017 – Guest shift from Alice Bar

안녕하세요! As part of Singapore Cocktail Festival, we had the opportunity to observe two amazeballs bartenders from Alice Bar, Asia’s 11th Best Bar 2016.

Flying in from Seoul, they did a two hour guest shift, delighting our customers with two of their signature drinks and providing us with the opportunity to observe their technique and style, up close and personal. You can see them in action here.

Alice Bar’s staff badge and a graphic novel about their bar

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The Home Bar

Photo 18-3-17, 5 04 31 PM

As mentioned in our About section, we look forward to sharing our recipes with you. And what better place to give them a whirl then in the comfort of your own home?

While we may work in a bar, most of the research and experiments that we do are conducted in a home bar with a pretty basic setup. Check out the different tabs for suggestions on basic bar ware, ingredients and spirits that we feel every home bar should have.

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First post….. finally… Welcome to DeconDrinks! This has been a long time coming and after over one year in the works, we are finally live.

Some quick info on us: We are full-time corporate rat-racers pursuing a passion for bartending, forgoing sleep and panda eyes to create the perfect drink. Actually, we like to think that this helps us approach the craft from a different perspective, but more on this in later posts. Now, for something related to the drink.

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