Is your martini glass too big??

Serving size matters. As a customer, more often than not, larger is better. For business owners across the counter, it would be the opposite. Logically speaking, that is how business owners control cost and no one goes into a business to lose money.

However, serving craft cocktails is a different ballgame. Cocktails are unique in a sense that a larger cocktails are not necessarily better, au contraire, many are of pretty low quality.

As Dominique Ansel said in his book, The Secret Recipes, “Time is an ingredient”. He describes it oh so beautifully in the chapter “The Brief Life Of The Madeleine”, excerpt as follows since I am not competent enough as a writer to paraphrase nor would I want to blemish his words.


“Food changes and grows; it lives and then it also dies. And for the fleeting and forever young madeleine, death comes all too soon.

Fresh out of the oven, these small, scallop-shaped cakes shine in a momentary glory. A slightly crispy edge gives way to a golden, ethereal center that releases just a tiny puff of steam in your mouth, as if exhaling its last breath.”


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Finding the perfect cocktail bottle

Remember the image we posted of our Father’s Day giftbox cocktail?

As part of our process of development, we wanted to share our experience searching for suitable cocktail bottles. Hopefully, it’ll give you some ideas for your own creations! #notapaidpost #evensamplealsomustbuy 😦

Milk Punch Cocktail, with DeLuze Cognac 1
The frosted glass bottle selected for our Fathers’ Day giftboxes

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How to Score Free Drinks :)

Haha, that should have caught your attention!

Okay, confession… this post is about tasting drinks and if you’re genuinely interested and curious, it can help you score some free booze, albeit in really small amounts. At our bar, we offer our customers a little sip or two of a spirit if they have not heard of it before and if we are recommending it for their drink.

Why tasting matters?

An initial tasting can make or break someone’s opinion of a spirit or ingredient. It’s all about setting the context of the tasting. Surprising someone with a new ingredient can turn them against a taste just because  it is something they weren’t expecting. Think about if you tried oysters for the first time and it gave you food poisoning versus if you had oysters on a romantic first date. Continue reading “How to Score Free Drinks :)”

The Home Bar – Bar Ware

Bar ware - full setNow that we have the spirits part squared away, let’s move on to the equipment! After all, a workman is only as good as his tools and that’s true for a bartender too.

As mentioned in our spirits post, this list is based on our personal opinion. Feel free to modify and add tools you need. Shoot us some recommendations of your own. We have based our suggestions on tools that we use ourselves. They may not be the shiniest but most of them have stood the test of time and constant use.

Mixing Vessels

There are several different ways to make a cocktail, such as shaking, stirring, throwing and building.

For shaking, we recommend a tin on tin shaker set. It is simple, easy to use and just about large enough for making two drinks. For the value minded, a pint glass and tin shaker works just as well. It is a bit heavier than the tin on tin but the glass also gives you a vessel to stir your cocktails in.

We suggest the Naranja Cocktail Shaker Weighted Mixing Tins Set (Large & Small)

OR an Anchor Hocking Pint Mixing Glass – Rim Tempered – 16 Oz, (1) paired with the larger tin of the Naranja.

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Cocktail Kingdom Jigger Review

1487778720185Cocktail Kingdom Japanese Style Jigger 1oz/2oz – Stainless Steel

Click here to get yours. 

Cocktail Kingdom’s Japanese style jigger is made of brushed stainless steel and is my default jigger of choice. I purchased one three years ago and haven’t looked back since.

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