Food X Cocktail

“Drink what makes you happy, and hang with friends who make you laugh”

This is the phrase that embodies our relationship with Briony and Royston, the founders of GiftYard. After our initial collaboration for Father’s Day, we hope to continue this mantra by sharing GOOD FOOD, GOOD COCKTAILS and GOOD TIMES with as many people as possible.

So what can you expect at a dinner hosted by us?

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Father’s Day Giftboxes

We were approached by B to create a prepackaged cocktail as part of a Father’s Day Giftbox and we were very excited to start experimenting.  After some brainstorming, we created two cocktails with uniquely Singaporean ingredients for them to sample. Our first was our Milk Punch Cocktail that you might have seen earlier. The second was an Old Fashioned style cocktail that we named the De Luze OF. It’s made with De Luze Cognac so you can already tell we are very creative people 😉

We recently did a showcase and tasting session for them to try the suggested product. Check it out here. A HUGE shout out to B for creating this video!

So what was the verdict?

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Making a Milk Punch Cocktail


We have been requested to create a drink for a Father’s Day giftbox. Really excited to start our journey! We’re working on a simple milk punch recipe incorporating local flavours from our sunny island, Singapore. We documented our first version here so stay tuned as we continue to develop it!