The story of the Sidecar cocktail

Mention a sidecar and our thoughts will invariably turn to Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. The awesome motorcycle chase with Sean Connery in the sidecar and Harrison Ford on the motorbike.

Harrison Ford sidecar

The story of how a sidecar cocktail came to was actually inspired by the actual sidecar! Many will know the sidecar as the most popular cognac cocktail, it is made with cognac, lemon, and a triple sec or dry orange liqueur. Do not confuse it with a brandy crusta which has sugar, bitters and is typically served with a sugared rim.

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The Millionaire Cocktail

Millionaire Cocktail

This classic cocktail is not made as much as it deserves. It is a great cocktail and an even better shooter. At the bar, we often use it as a farewell shot, to be had with our regulars at the bar. Our way of saying “thank you for spending your night with us”.

Google “Millionaire Cocktail”, and a dozen recipes pop up. Of these many variations, the one made with Myer’s Dark rum is the one we turn to.

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A cocktail with Scotch please.” – Wait, really 🤔?

Before we get flamed, we would like to state that we are Scotch lovers through and through. If that is settled let’s get down to the discussion. The bar we work at runs a bespoke cocktail program and a majority of our drinks are off the cuff concoctions made with whatever we have for that day. Of course, we do get requests for classics and we do them well too. For what it’s worth, we have to prove that we can do the basics right before putting our own spins in right? 😀

Aging in progress at the Laphroaig Distillery1

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3 simple wine hacks for hosting at home

Wine is known as the nectar of the gods and it has seen a huge take up rate in Singapore in recent times too. This is evident from the number of wine wholesalers that have popped up all over our sunny island. Think 1855 – the bottle shop, wine bos, wine connection and even NTUC finest has a great selection of wines and chilled storage for premium vintages. That surely is testament to wine’s popularity in our country.

We must confess, we aren’t wine aficionados but a good bottle is always welcome. Good doesn’t mean expensive. Easily explained by the graph below where there comes a point where every increase in bottle price is only met with marginal increase in utility. Usually if any more pleasure can be derived from really expensive bottles, it is due to psychological bias of the consumer knowing the price.

Utility vs price of a bottle of wine, courtesy of DeconDrinks’ experience 😀

As bartenders, our job on the drinks front is to serve a good drink and better if we can elevate a cheap spirit into an amazing concoction. For wine, we too have taken up the challenge. Here are some hacks to hosting friends with wine that would make that bottle go the extra mile.

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The White Courtesan – A DeconDrinks Original

The White Courtesan, A DeconDrinks Original

As lovers of all things Japanese, it is obvious that sake was not going to be an exception. It comes in a myriad of styles and one we particularly love to use time and time again is nigori sake. 

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Stirring a cocktail

Stirring a daiquiri….Wait what??? Stir???

Credits to

Stirring a cocktail has to be our favourite way to make a cocktail. It is what we feel embodies the spirit of hosting a customer or guest and there is this beauty in the service. Of course it has to be done well. That was supposed to be a given no? haha

The question many new bartenders or home bartenders will ask is when do we choose to shake or stir a drink?

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Choose a rum for your home bar


Rums have been associated with the swashbuckling pirates of the high seas and most cocktails made with rums bring up scenes from the beach and tropics. There is a wide variety of rums (or any spirit in particular) to choose from and this can seem daunting to many home bartenders.

There are light rums, aged rums, dark rums and spiced rums. Sometimes light rum is also called silver, and aged rums are called gold. However, the colours can be misleading notably Captain Morgan Spiced Rum has this amazing golden hue but is classified as a spiced rum as opposed to an aged rum although it has been aged too.

Referring back to our article on the home bar, we had recommended Captain Morgan Spiced, Bacardi Gold and Havana Club Light.

What are the cocktails you would be most likely serving at your home bar? Mojitos? Daiquiris? Rum sours? Rum old fashioneds? Rum negronis? Knowing your favourite type of drink style would greatly impact your choice. Given the limited space in most home bars, curating spirits is paramount.

Read on to find out what we think is the most suitable for Singapore’s weather.

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