Perfect Manhattan

Perfect Manhattan

Sweet, Dry or Perfect?

The above question is a leader to one drink and one drink only. We never got around to introducing ourselves based on our drinks so we thought it is time we showcased our favourite kind of drinks and what are our favourite tipples. Today’s post is gonna be a lil different, very much us just talking to ourselves and hopefully you guys reading get to know us a lil better this way too!

So who’s up to share their favourite tipple?

Z here and the title says it all. That question precedes making any Manhattan cocktail and for me, I like mine perfect.

Perfect? As in perfectly done? Why would anyone do an imperfect drink?!?

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Getting flavour into drinks – Tinctures

Photo 1-10-17, 10 58 48 PM

Previously, we had discussed using spices in drinks and incorporating fresh spices by muddling them ala minute to get that flavour into cocktails. Today, we are putting forth our preferred method of adding spices to drinks.


What is a tincture?

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Getting flavour into drinks – Infusions, Hot vs Cold vs Flash

Cucumber infused grapefruit juice. Simple infusion yet we just love this drink! Throwback to our focus group session.

Infusions are more common than ever in a modern bar and quite rightly so. It helps add flavours to mundane off-the-shelf spirits, reduces the prep time for each cocktail and if used well, can be a very useful weapon in a bartender’s arsenal.

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For the love of classics – The Ramos Gin Fizz

The adage “old is gold” couldn’t be more true for any classic cocktail discussion. In this day and age where cocktails have seen more than just a revolution the past few years, bartenders have always quoted classic cocktails as inspiration for their award winning creations.

Here we shall try to spread some Ramos gin fizz love to you, the aspiring home bartenders.

Picture 1 (Credits to

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For the love of classics – Southside

The sister cocktail to the mojito, the ingredients should sound familiar yet interesting enough to interest any mojito guzzler.

The Southside retains the main character of a mojito, the mint. However, rum is substituted with gin and soda water top up is optional. For our take on the drink, we recommend forgoing the soda water. This is cos if soda water is added, the drink should then be called a Southside Fizz, which in our opinion is a great cocktail too!

Made up of a London dry style gin, 1:1 simple syrup, lemon juice and a fresh bunch of mint, this cocktail should be within reach of most home bartenders. No ingredient is too difficult to get especially in Singapore where supermarkets are all around. The magic of this cocktail then comes in the making of it which as always separates a good drink from a great drink.

So how do we recommend making this awesome sipper?

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Adding water to whisky for tasting

Whisky tasting

Why everyone should add some sky juice to their whisk(e)y 😀

Everyone has a friend who has jumped on the whisky bandwagon. And has most probably had to endure the said friend ordering their favourite dram at a bar and adding some drops of water nonchalantly to the glass before swigging it.

Your move……..

Do you ask why?

Or do you wait for him to explain?

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Whisky Sour, Lemon Cocktail in Home Bartender Style

Whiskey Sour, Lemon Cocktail
Whisky Sour, Lemon Cocktail Sorry for the mistake! This is a picture of the Old Fashioned Cocktail. Another day and another post for this.

I am a big fan of whiskey sours and it is almost my de facto drink to order at any bar I visit. (the daiquiri is usually the first) Choosing what is the base spirit however is somewhat akin to a mood ring, but I almost always go for bourbon. Call me a sweet tooth but I like my spicy rye with a sazarac and my scotch over the rocks so IMHO, bourbon’s sweetness complements sour cocktails perfectly.

Continue reading to find out the recipe.

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