Stirring a cocktail

Stirring a daiquiri….Wait what??? Stir???

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Stirring a cocktail has to be our favourite way to make a cocktail. It is what we feel embodies the spirit of hosting a customer or guest and there is this beauty in the service. Of course it has to be done well. That was supposed to be a given no? haha

The question many new bartenders or home bartenders will ask is when do we choose to shake or stir a drink?

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Choose a rum for your home bar


Rums have been associated with the swashbuckling pirates of the high seas and most cocktails made with rums bring up scenes from the beach and tropics. There is a wide variety of rums (or any spirit in particular) to choose from and this can seem daunting to many home bartenders.

There are light rums, aged rums, dark rums and spiced rums. Sometimes light rum is also called silver, and aged rums are called gold. However, the colours can be misleading notably Captain Morgan Spiced Rum has this amazing golden hue but is classified as a spiced rum as opposed to an aged rum although it has been aged too.

Referring back to our article on the home bar, we had recommended Captain Morgan Spiced, Bacardi Gold and Havana Club Light.

What are the cocktails you would be most likely serving at your home bar? Mojitos? Daiquiris? Rum sours? Rum old fashioneds? Rum negronis? Knowing your favourite type of drink style would greatly impact your choice. Given the limited space in most home bars, curating spirits is paramount.

Read on to find out what we think is the most suitable for Singapore’s weather.

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Presenting the drink to the customer

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Would you like your drink presented with garnish at 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock?

Now that you have made your drink, many people actually screw it up during the act of presenting the drink to the customer.

I do not mean the art of garnishing and making the drink pretty but the actual act of putting the drink in front of the customer. Those few centimeters from your workstation to the customer is akin to the last lap of your “performance”.

Read on to find out where and how to position your drink for the customer.

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Perfect Manhattan

Perfect Manhattan

Sweet, Dry or Perfect?

The above question is a leader to one drink and one drink only. We never got around to introducing ourselves based on our drinks so we thought it is time we showcased our favourite kind of drinks and what are our favourite tipples. Today’s post is gonna be a lil different, very much us just talking to ourselves and hopefully you guys reading get to know us a lil better this way too!

So who’s up to share their favourite tipple?

Z here and the title says it all. That question precedes making any Manhattan cocktail and for me, I like mine perfect.

Perfect? As in perfectly done? Why would anyone do an imperfect drink?!?

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Getting flavour into drinks – Tinctures

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Previously, we had discussed using spices in drinks and incorporating fresh spices by muddling them ala minute to get that flavour into cocktails. Today, we are putting forth our preferred method of adding spices to drinks.


What is a tincture?

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Getting flavour into drinks – Infusions, Hot vs Cold vs Flash

Cucumber infused grapefruit juice. Simple infusion yet we just love this drink! Throwback to our focus group session.

Infusions are more common than ever in a modern bar and quite rightly so. It helps add flavours to mundane off-the-shelf spirits, reduces the prep time for each cocktail and if used well, can be a very useful weapon in a bartender’s arsenal.

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For the love of classics – The Ramos Gin Fizz

The adage “old is gold” couldn’t be more true for any classic cocktail discussion. In this day and age where cocktails have seen more than just a revolution the past few years, bartenders have always quoted classic cocktails as inspiration for their award winning creations.

Here we shall try to spread some Ramos gin fizz love to you, the aspiring home bartenders.

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