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In April, half of DeconDrinks turned a year wiser and to celebrate the occasion. So on Thursday we made a dinner reservation and took her on a degustation journey at DSTLLRY by Christophe Lerouy.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a signboard and a non-descript opening to a commercial shop space. The words were so small we actually missed it the first time! The whole restaurant was encased within four blackened walls, which eliminates distractions and transports the diners to a place where it is just them and the food.

It was a nice touch, highlighting their maxim and distilling the experience for the customer and removing that which is distracting allowing us to concentrate on the food and company in front of us. Good move!

We signed up for the six course Petit Menu with whisky pairing. This also included an amuse bouche, bread and two petit fours.


Bread and Butter

We started the meal with bread, served piping hot with a choice of three butters: activated charcoal, truffle and cayenne. All were beautifully crafted and showed a lot of restraint from the chef, especially with the truffle butter. Truffle oil is frequently used with a heavy hand in Singapore and is used more as a price multiplier for fries rather than a suitable flavouring.

DSTLLRY’s version of truffle butter was nuanced and light. Rather than overwhelming our palettes, it whet our appetite and left us ready for the courses to come. The butter was also served on cold stones which helped prevent them from melting too fast. The attention to detail increased our anticipation for the dishes to come.

Amuse Bouche

The amuse bouche was a trio of canapes. As the menu is seasonal and changes frequently, we prefer to only focus on the highlights of this awesome meal.

egg custard n bruichladdich distillery aged 25 yrs
Egg custard and Bruichladdich Distillery Aged 25 Years

We had a starter of egg custard which was followed closely by a second dish of salt baked cabbage. These dishes were paired with Bruichladdich Distillery 25 years. The age gave it a smoothness that was very inviting as a starter. The egg custard was rich and paired with uni which gave it a briny and umami kick. This whisky pairing made sense but we felt that whisky neat wasn’t the best drink to open a meal with.

Lobster was next and it was an amazing dish! The traditional French dish of butter poached lobster was given a twist with heat from fiery chilli rempah. This was paired with Bruichladdich Distillery whisky aged 20 years. This medium bodied dram had peppery notes and provided a complementary pairing to this dish.

It also paired with the next dish, a fillet of fish. Both these dishes had a creamy element and the choice of whisky was very well thought through. Little things like these deserve attention and we as the diners, are deeply appreciative.

Perfection is many small things done well. – Marco Pierre White

Lobster dish | Bruichladdich Distillery Aged 20 Years
Fillet of Fish

Our last protein dish (second last dish) was a pork loin served with couscous done two ways, a pair of purees and microgreens.

Pork and dark chocolate is a match made in heaven. Though the chef did not put them together on a plate, our last course (dessert) was a dark chocolate cake. Bruichladdich Distillery whisky aged 10 years was paired with these courses. This was a younger spirit than the preceding two and in turn had a harshness to its profile. It still had the notes of caramel, toffee and spice but the burn ensured they did not get lost in the strong flavours of pork and dark chocolate. We enjoyed the dessert and the little slice left us wanting more. In our opinion the smattering of coulis on the plate was a little too restrained. A little more would not have hurt, more next time we hope! 🙂

pork dish.jpg
Pork loin dish
Photo 20-4-17, 9 00 45 PM.jpg

The meal was rounded off with the mignardises shown below and before we knew it, it was the end of a really good meal. The chef came round to personally speak to all the guests and we took the chance to express our thanks for the hospitality.



It was the birthday girl’s first paired dinner with spirits and she thoroughly enjoyed herself!

We had a few final comments for the dinner:

  • The whiskies while well chosen might not be the best pairing with food as they generally lack acidity.
  • Purees are a good textural addition to a dish but there were far too many purees throughout the meal. Other textural components could be used, maybe a warm espuma or consommé gelee?
  • A chocolate dessert is always a joy and every chef should have a signature one. Though we really enjoyed dessert, we felt something was missing in the portioning of components and techniques used. It was still a very good classic dessert though!

We leave you with some random photos of the night and for such value, DSTLLRY’s petit menu is hard to beat. Go try it out and leave a comment below!

This is not a paid post.

May our glasses never be empty, cheers and talk soon!



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